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Yes, LoyaltyOrders has been tested with most of the major courier services in India. If you find any courier service that does not work with LoyaltyOrders we do the integration of no charge.

Yes, but the strength of LoyaltyOrders unique Supply Chain model helps your logistics to work across many courier services across India.

LoyaltyOrders has a unique supply chain model that you never seen anywhere. This feature allows you to do your fulfilment in bulk for 100s and 1000s of orders in not ime. Ask us how.

LoyaltyOrders customization will help you overcome this feature and make it specifically works for your need. Please talk to us.

LoyaltyOrders supports two widely used shipment modes, DP and SURFACE.

We could help you work with any other shipment mode that your courier service offers by customizing to your need at no charge.

Loyalty Orders allows you to manage your courier partners including their serviceable pin-code, negotiated rates for different slabs, etc. The rate agreed by your courier to you is the rate used by LoyaltyOrders.

Order Source

Certainly! LoyaltyOrders is specifically designed for integration orders from multiple loyalty order sources.

Not necessary. LoyaltyOrders is a product specifically designed for vendors (sellers) who sells in one or more loyalty redemption platform. If you own a loyalty redemption platform you can still leverage the benefits by using LoyaltyOrders software.

No, currently it works for Indian market and we have plan to expand to other geographies in the near future.

Yes and No. LoyaltyOrders Is made for exclusively sellers who sells in loyalty redemption channels. If you are a seller who sells in multi-channel then you should be interested in our other product �OrderMonk� (

Yes. Either you could do in LoyaltyOrders integration services or change your eCommerce platform to OrderMonk � A Multi Channel Order Integration Software.

Absolutely! LoyaltyOrders Integration Services helps you integrate your orders from corporate bulk order source. Or you can avail ready made service provided at

No, Not now! May be is what you want. But, we are working on integrating many order channels in OrderMonk and you may want to contact us for further details.

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