Stop wasting your time on manual processing

Let LoyaItyOrders heIp boost your business

S eamlessly integrate and process your orders from start to end with LoyaltyOrders. All your business needs will be met online anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based software solution. Our mission is to bring a lasting flexible solution to multi-channel businesses. Doing business just got easy and enjoyable with LoyaltyOrders!

Features that will transform your business

Easy to use, robust functionalities & integrated solution

Multi Source Orders

Increase productivity and profitably by integrating all your orders from any Loyalty Redemption Platform, be it any format or be it any source. whatever the order channels be Loyalty Redemption platforms, e-commerce, online market-places, social media etc, integrating orders from multiple source is simple and elegant with LoyaltyOrders and fulfillment is just one-click away.

Customised Product Pricing

We know good business is all about ‘The customer’! You can offer a standard rate of a product, or apply custom rates on the same product to many order sources. LoyaltyOrders gives you the flexibility and help you choose how to set price for each product to many of your order channels..

Same day fulfillment

Save your processing time, and yet retain your customers simply by completing process from point of sales inquiry to dispatching products on the very same day. LoyaltyOrders will help you fulfill any number of orders right from entering details, printing invoices and dispatch on the same day.

Unique Logistics Model

We take pride in our one of a kind, unique and extremely exceptional logistics model. You will experience a world class logistic model at LoyaltyOrders where your ordered products are split into one or more packages and assigned to couriers automatically and in no time.

One Click Bulk Processing

Reduce your man power, chance of error and operational/fulfillment time. We bring you features that will seamlessly process your orders from any source/channel, allocate stock, assign courier, generate & print invoice, dispatch, and update delivery status just like that and everything processed in bulk.

Standard & Custom Reports

We provide countless and variety of standard reports that meets your operational and business needs. We made sure you are treated special and allows you create your own reports, use any filters, any data elements, and run them as many times as you want. Sophisticated analytics that keeps you in control of your business.

Integrate any external software/application

Variety of solutions for your integration need

Multi Channel

We could extend the functionality of LoyaltyOrders to integrate multi source orders and process. That includes orders from Market Places, Retail Point-of-sale (POS), Bulk or Corporate Gift Orders, and one or more of your eCommerce sites. We have done this for our clients in the past and we are happy to do this many times for new clients. Don’t worry about charges, its either minimal or no charge. Talk to us now..

Loyalty API

Many Loyalty Redemption Platforms in India and across globe offers variety of services that can be integrated with LoyaltyOrders. We work constantly with such loyalty owners to understand how to integrate and make it easy for our clients. Let this be of Application Programming Interface (API) or Web Services or any other integration, we are here to help you. Don’t wait, lets us know if you have any specific request. we do it right away.

Courier API

Many of logistics (courier) partners has great infrastructure and features that allows possible integration of LoyaltyOrders for AWB processing, updating status, and tracking for the packages you dealt with them. We have integrated some courier platforms already for you. If you find any other courier has such provision but not integrated with LoyaltyOrders, then we do it at no cost and in no time. Call us now..

Services to make you feel more sophisticated

Feel good, never interrupted, leave to us

Software Customization

We understand every business is unique and their need is respected. Let us know if you have any special request for customization. Our expert team will analyse your request and get back to you shortly with a positive answer and with a state of the art solution to your business needs. Speak to us now!

Process Outsourcing

Right from your operational activities and more than everything as a consultant we provide many solution to our clients. Are you a small business vendor and looking for some help in managing things for you? We have right solution. Our shared operational service is right choice to you. Ask us how?

Setup Support

Setting up the details is made as simple as you are walking to a movie theater to watch a movie. Are you in a hurry? We helped some of our clients to setup LoyaltyOrders components and made it live in no time. Why not our experts do the configuration for you and run your business at ease. Talk to us to know how it helps..

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